Giving clients more (it’s not just a clean)

When a client says to us, “you make a real difference to my life”, some people might want to reply “it’s just a clean”.

I would have been that person some years ago. How important can it be to carry out tasks around the home, on behalf of your paying client? It’s a relatively straightforward role. We are in their home for a few hours once a week or sometimes less often. What difference can we possibly make to that person’s life and well-being?

A huge amount, I have come to realise.

Our client base is incredibly diverse, with a variety of needs. Some of our clients cannot physically manage the housework any more. Some just need a hand with the more physically challenging work. We also have clients who quite frankly don’t want to spend their time cleaning and some for whom spare time is scarce and precious due to heavy work pressures. Everyone has their own reason for seeking our services.

For some clients the company of another person each week is actually more important than the work that is carried out.

Building good, long lasting relationships with our clients is something we really cherish. We do this, in part, by making sure we deliver whatever it is that those clients need. We do it by making a difference to their lives.

For those who are busy working all week, we take that pressure off. They can use the time they would have spent cleaning, to enjoy time with loved ones, take up hobbies.. We help to relieve the stress and anxiety that can be formed by trying to tackle too much each week.

Leaving clients with a clean and tidy environment to live in can make a huge difference to how they feel at home too. The impact on clients mental health and wellbeing, if their surroundings are being looked after, can be immense.

Our team care for and look after every one of our clients. The difference they make to our clients lives is more than many of them probably realise. They turn up, do their job and go home. Often with no knowledge of the real impact they make.

So now when clients talk to me about the difference our cleaning appointments have made to their lives, I say how glad I am that we can help. I let the team know how grateful clients are. I know this business is about so much more than cleaning.

Photo by Susan Weber on Unsplash

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