Banging the drum

I have recently sent my Facebook page for ‘Making Space Work’ into the unknown.

I have not set up some grand launch. A declaration of new business, linking all social media pages, website and blogs. It is much more ‘me’ to have quietly invited a few friends to have a look, ideally share and and maybe like, if they don’t mind.

Have I learnt nothing? 10 years of Spotless should show me that we can put together a business model that works, that helps people, that provides something others do not. Yet rather than put together a mass marketing campaign, I still delicately step forward with a new venture, hoping it might be of use to someone. Maybe?

Yet this has a track record already. This has legs. Spotless Interiors started as a de-cluttering service which quickly turned into primarily a domestic cleaning business. The reason for this? Demand. We followed the route of the enquiries we were receiving from clients, gave them what they needed, not what we had intended to market. It is true that many did need an element of help in re-organising and clearing out but the vast majority just wanted the weekly household chores off their ‘to do’ list. So we gave the public what they wanted. De-cluttering took a bit of a back seat. Did I really seek to expand this service? Market it, shout about it? No. There was no time and it quickly became less important.

By putting the de-cluttering element of the business to one side almost, does seem to undermine the importance of this service for many people who really will benefit from re-organising their homes. The mental well-being that can manifest itself when someone has a safe, comfortable place to be is not to be underestimated. I’ve seen and experienced it for myself. As more and more people work from home, spending nearly all their time in one location, it becomes increasingly important to make that a comfortable, secure, organised place. To make the space work.

Since March last year, I have started to look at how I can make this service a success in its own right. I have seen an opportunity and in a way gone back to where we started. It’s a little like going home. Familiar ground, comfort in knowing and being able to evidence the difference it can make to people but at the same time exciting and new. Social media, remote resources are all going to play an important part this time to make it accessible and helpful for people everywhere. The experience of making our lives and contacts remote over the last year has shown that whilst not ideal, it can still be effective. Training, working, socialising have all had to be done from a distance. I for one cannot wait until this is not the case but in the meantime I will make this business venture work in a safe way.

Whilst I may be tip-toeing now, I have much more under my belt this time. I have more of an understanding of how I want it to look, what I want it to achieve and offer. I see how others use social media, can learn from their knowledge. There are new business contacts who can help with their wealth of expertise. People who can encourage, point me in the right direction and support. Ideas and plans are taking over my colourful A5 notebook (still don’t trust IT enough not to lose all my ideas) and I step forward.

This is much more organised than we first started our journey. I am planning steps, looking at target audiences. I am thinking about how I can make it realistic, work for everyone. There will be no walking the streets with leaflets, cold calling, advertising in every magazine going. From that perspective I have learnt a lot. I still though, have much to take on board. The need to embrace the idea of marketing, selling my product, instead of tentatively asking friends and family if they might need a hand or could they please like my page? I need to find the ability to shout and bang my drum. I will seek to be confident that the concepts and guidance I can share will make a difference to those working from home or maybe wanting to feel at home. The skills to make all this happen are here, somewhere. If they are not I will know where to find them. But first I need to find my bright red boots and drum.

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