Celebrate your success

Last week we celebrated ten years of Spotless Interiors!!!

Ten whole years since we pulled ourselves from the devastation of redundancy to put together a plan for self-employment. Not really knowing what would come of it but following what we seemed to be pulled to do. Ten years since with limited equipment, no staff, no uniform, we began to seek to build a client base and market our cleaning services.

After the impact of the last year this seems even more of an achievement.

Yet I felt almost reluctant to celebrate, bearing in mind the many businesses that have fallen. Then I realised that I will not change the situation for those businesses, by not celebrating our longevity. Our team need some recognition for the hard work they have all put in. Our clients deserved to know how far we’ve come. Some of them have been with us almost since the beginning. What an achievement that is, in itself.

So I made the announcement over social media and to clients and colleagues and we celebrated at home with a bottle of red and pizza! In the summer we will hope (subject to COVID Restrictions) to gather our team together and celebrate with them too. It has always been the case that our team keep us going. Their commitment to looking after our clients and helping us to grow is vital.

I realise now, more than ever, we are comfortable with our business model, the way we support our team and seek to build our client base. We are proud and sure of the services we provide. With this in mind we will have the strength to continue to build upon what we have learnt and achieved over the last 10 years. That is not to say we are complacent or not open to change but it means that we are happy to do our own thing and not worry how others proceed. That realisation has taken some time to get to.

Here, is to the next 10 years. Expanding, diversifying and continuing to learn about what makes good business. We will move forward, grateful for our ‘circle’ of support, our ‘square’ of challenge and the drive of everyone to deliver the best.

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Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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