A Reluctant Entrepreneur

A title of contradictions.

I almost used this title for the blog I am currently setting up, which looks at my journey from redundancy to creating a new business and beyond. However, I decided it was too much of a contradiction, so I am currently working with another title instead.

Will this be the right choice? I am not sure I will ever know. But a reluctant entrepreneur, whilst contradictory is also an accurate statement. Not everyone who starts up their own business does so out of a passion for their subject or area of expertise, coupled with a desire to be their own boss. Sometimes necessity is what starts us off but before long we find passion and drive take over and all those attributes that make us an entrepreneur, rather than a manager of a business, come to the fore. Necessity comes through finding no other way to strive forward in our area of work, or a financial drive to provide for food, shelter. The necessity that may make us step forward into the unknown can take a variety of forms.

Did I ever plan on starting a business? No. Did I ever have a burning desire to work for myself. No. Did I find myself in a position where I could not secure employment in the role I was qualified for, volunteered to help a friend re-organise her house and then was talked into setting up Spotless? Yes!

The real trick to reluctantly starting your own business is being open to others ideas, opportunities that come your way and fresh ways of looking at things. If all avenues to gain meaningful employment have failed, what do you have to lose?

The passion for making a difference, having the freedom to plan and work in a way that you feel is best and develop a product or service from your own ideas, can develop. It does not have to be there from day one, when you perhaps grudgingly start to set out how you will make steps forward. That sense of ‘this is not what I planned’ will disappear. Before long you will be researching, developing and planning to launch a new future that you will control.

Ideas and suggestions can come from a variety of places if you allow yourself to be open to them. Close friends and family can be invaluable (as I found out) in supporting, suggesting and getting you started. They can also be critical and concerned, both of which will be useful. Ultimately the progression and direction will be yours to plan. The name, logo, ethos and structure. The service or product, how can it be different and stand out? How can it work for me and with my life? Put yourself in positions where ideas will come, opportunities (some which will scare you) arise and information can be found.

Business does not have to start with a passion that burns every hour of the day to be the next success. However, the slow creation of an idea, a thought, a suggestion out of necessity or desire that you call your own, can be more than you ever expected.

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