Giving clients more (it’s not just a clean)

When a client says to us, “you make a real difference to my life”, some people might want to reply “it’s just a clean”. I would have been that person some years ago. How important can it be to carry out tasks around the home, on behalf of your paying client? It’s a relatively straightforward … Read more

Getting started on a cleaning business…..

Not my usual slightly cryptic title for this article but I think sometimes being clear and to the point has it’s place. Taking part in a business challenge recently really got me thinking differently about various projects but also made me look at the journey we have taken in building our business. I also considered … Read more

Look after the Leader, look after the Team

Mental health has been a particularly prominent topic on social media in recent months. It has been both incredible and inspiring to see so many people speaking openly and truthfully about their own mental wellbeing. The resources available to assist businesses in promoting and developing a culture of support and care are out there, probably … Read more

Celebrate your success

Last week we celebrated ten years of Spotless Interiors!!! Ten whole years since we pulled ourselves from the devastation of redundancy to put together a plan for self-employment. Not really knowing what would come of it but following what we seemed to be pulled to do. Ten years since with limited equipment, no staff, no … Read more

All that I am not

Honesty. This is probably an obvious and maybe overused, word or statement. However, in business I think sometimes people are reluctant to wholly embrace it. Whilst writing content to form part of our Making Space Work website, I have been clear and honest. I did stop and consider whether that was the best idea when … Read more